hologram teen

Those preferring their ear gear somewhat seduced in lights lowered noir traced sophistication may find the call of Hologram Teen’s ‘post apocalypteacakes’ advances a little too irresistible to avert. Essentially the solo guise of ex Stereolab-er Morgane Lhote  this shape shifting floor adoring slice of uber cool has been variously tagged as horror disco or to put it more pertinently in the words of its author as ‘the soundtrack featuring Boris Karloff hanging out at Studio 54’ – which in truth is no bad descriptor but surely plays down the multi-faceted nature of this amorphous free flowing honey. To the enigmatic choral cool of monastic chants and an opening sly nod to Goblin, ‘post apocalypteacakes’ flickers, flutters and flirts around a myriad of sonic time lines playfully skirting with the monochromatic majesty of an ‘add insult to injury’ era Add N to X whilst similarly shadow playing in the waters of an ahead of the curve early 80’s New Order before seductively demurring all in a twinkling lunar light show of coalescing down tempo chill toned kosmiche techno hybrids of the type that Zombi may enviably purr to. Incidentally the two track feast is incoming shortly on a Deep Distance 7 inch.  https://soundcloud.com/hologramteen/post-apocalypteacakes-feat-buddy-cop

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