pink milk

This is quite sublime, literally seeped in fracturing desperation and by our reckoning wipes the floor with the original. This is – er – Foreigner’s ‘I want to know what love is’ as rephrased and viewed through the opiate sunglasses of Gothenburg based duo Pink Milk, who’ve flipped the 80’s power ballad on its head to re-imagine the song from the perspective of Death’s erstwhile shortcomings in the dating game found here all dream draped in the kind of hazily glazed softly slo-cored shoegazey seduction that many of you may have encountered with reference to the kind of starry eyed sonic vapour trails put out by the likes of Sonic Cathedral and Club AC30 in recent times and yes there is a subtle nod to Julee Cruise woozily whispering amid the demurring dissipates.

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