Schizo Fun Addict / the Bordellos – split cassette

Now we were going to do a heads up / introductory piece on the following release, but then we saw Jet’’s posting and well what better way could we fanfare this much looked forward to outing than to get the inside track from the horse’s mouth so to speak…….

‘(I) was up late last night creating these, hand painted cassette cases for the forthcoming ltd edition – 100 copies only – split cassette double album with SCHIZO FUN ADDICT and The Bordellos on Small Bear Records – proceeds going to  Save the Children UK charity. These will come with goodie bags stuffed with a very special ltd edition 100 only CD – unique to this release, replete with an  official colour sleeve made by Fruits de Mer Records – featuring two amazing bands Ex Norwegian and Permanent Clear Light. Also stuffed with a double CD anthology by the brilliant Postcode, and another killer CD album by Phil Reynolds and the Dearly Departed. Furthermore, the cassette cases will have attached upon them, one of 100 fragments of a John Squire lithograph (itself a ltd edition of 250 hand numbered) sold at The Stone Roses legendary Phoenix Park gig. And there’s more – you get a hi-quality download for the Bandcamp release proceeds of which will be paid directly to Save The Children in perpetuity – that means forever kids. This is a pure work of art for charity, I am paying for my own copy… as is everyone involved. The minimum donation will be approximately 12£ or 18$… plus shipping. These cases will also be numbered / signed by yours truly. It is a great cause and it will be worth more than you paid for it on Ebay the day it sells out… which better be day of release, or Jayne Gabriel is gonna be giving her patented lobster strikes to all of you. Trust me, you don’t want that.’

This release has been on our radar for over a year, its initial coming together has a little back story which will be revealed when we come to review it. Slated arrival is poised around the fall of November, we will keep you updated. But just to round up, split cassette featuring – two of our favourite bands – that’s comprised of a full album from Schizo Fun Addict one side and the Bordellos on the other. Each cassette signed, numbered and adorned with Pollock-esque artwork by Jet Schizo. A strictly limited 100 only outing that comes housed in a Fruits de Mer endorsed goodie bag through the ever excellent Small Bear imprint – all proceeds go to the Save the Children charity. Incidentally the permanent Clar Light / Ex Norwegian CD to which Jet mentions features the two tracks available through Fruits de Mer as a forthcoming 50 only limited lathe 7 inch.

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