leigh toro

Annoyingly we blinked and in that brief moment all physical copies of this scattered off the racks in nanoseconds. Handsomely packaged 50 only set from the handstitched imprint, this being ‘a long range forecast’ by Leigh Toro. A twenty two minute composition that the label promises will ‘take us on a thaumaturgical hike into the worlds of stargazing and musical mind exploration’ – a description which we wholeheartedly think apt given this daydreaming suite sweetly shimmers and murmurs in a most affectionate and beguilingly sleepy headed way all cosy toed beneath frost white skies, special care and particular attention for the last seven minutes where incidentally matters softly detour  into an cutely demurred locked groovy like kozmik wooziness. http://handstitched.bandcamp.com/album/a-long-range-forecast

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