un festin sagital

What with mentioning Volcano the Bear earlier, we had an itching inkling to have a nose at what Beta Lactam Ring records have been up to of late. Well it’s been a while and we do worry about these things when various folk go off radar or kick us off their mailing list as I’m suspect the Lactam dudes have. A quick roving eye over their web page reveals a hive of activity of late not least a frankly must have 100 only cassette from Un Festin Sagital entitled ‘kosmosdynamos’ – a split release no less the distribution credits being shared with UFS in house imprint templo sagital. Teaser track ‘el baile mortal de la tierra inclemente – tape mix’ might not be as disturbing or indeed as disquieting as previous UFS releases, yet still retains that edginess and sense of somewhere you’d rather not be, a chiller of sorts ripe for the season, what first emerges briefly as a dreamy mosaic trimmed in genteel whispers is soon visited upon by a momentary solar burst that has the effect of knocking the would be lulling tonalities off their radar and repositioning them in a gloomed fracturing uneasiness of shadowy noir classicist nightmarish tripping proportions which by our reckoning if you can avoid the constant unerring desire to peak over your shoulder might be best served listening to in broad daylight.  http://www.blrrecords.com/samples/01_part_i_el_baile_mortal_de_la_tierra_inclemente_tape_mix-55f89edb024c8.mp3

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