sound of cinema – witchcraft

Apt for the time of year and prompted by the release of the Vin Diesel headed ‘the last witch hunter’ to the silver screen, Matthew Sweet’s latest edition of his excellent ‘Sound of Cinema’ broadcast over on BBC Radio 3 has witchcraft as its central theme, an hour’s worth of magicalia, mysterios and mesmeric mosaics to spook and serenade your listening space in equal measure. Amid the week’s listing Krzysztof Komeda’s enchanting lullaby theme from ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ perhaps one of the finest suites to ever grace a soundtrack. Somewhere else Brit folk cult classics ‘witchfinder general’ and ‘blood on Satan’s claw’ as scored by Paul Ferris and Marc Wilkinson respectively. Pretty floral florets colourfully tease the delicate Joe Hisaishi’s score for ‘kiki’s delivery service’ while there’s an almost Ozric-ian vibe to Graeme Revell’s mind expansive and trip-a-delic astral grooved scoring of ‘the Craft’. This editions classic score honour goes to Roy Webb’s richly vibrant sound-scapes adoring ‘the cat people’ while propping up the end credits the ‘back to the future’ suite not so much anything to do with witching but simply included to celebrate the films 30th anniversary marked of course on 21st October by a one off BTTF all day screening at cinemas – 2015 of course being the futuristic year in the film – flying cars indeed, trains on time and reliable broadband would be a start…..ho hum…..

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