the tara experiment

Essential ear gear I suspect, for those of you whose listening days are frequented by the visitation upon your turntable of the kind of analogue hypno groove strangeness once upon a time happened upon by those Radiophonic Workshop boffins. The Tara Experiment are indeed no strangers to these pages having featured many moons ago, since them they’ve secretly released a plethora of outings all of which we are embarrassed to say have somewhat sneaked below our ever watchful radar. Latest communication comes in the sinister shape of ‘Noises’ – a six track mind wiping exercise in locked grooved motorik murmurs and dream machine like mesmeria with both ‘the numbers stations pt 1’ (and ‘pt 2’) opening the account sounding as though they’ve passed through a Sonic Boom (in his EAR guise) mind scanning cloud emerging out of the other side feeling none the worse for the experience. The aptly titled ‘the girl who swallowed sunshine’ sounds like it promises on the tin, a glowering dark star transmitting pulsar waves and  shimmer toning rays into cosmic voids, classic era senses immersing kraut kosmiche playing out dystopian future echoes. And while both ‘the sky people’ and ‘the omega factor’ come shrouded in similar trance toned vibing, the former a more finitely stilled and tear stained ghost light of post apocalyptic introspection, the latter a lilting slice of modular future wave, it’s the parting ‘ringstone round’ that provides the keynote centre piece here and to that effect adores matters with a bewitching sonic spell craft deliciously gloomed in ghostly apertures, glacial shadows and soft psych murmurs.


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