gorilla vs. bear halloween mix tape

Eyed this on our customary Sunday teatime stroll through cyberspace, a rather demurring and dandy Halloween mix tape crafted by the Gorilla Vs. Bear crew, not quite your hiding in the shadows trying to avoid the slash attack but something peppered in sounds that loom off radar and lurk in the twilight. A 50 minute visitation gracing your listening space in all manner of ethereal and eerie sonic out there magicalia whereupon the heavenly chorals of Arca  sit seductively aside the Xx whose ‘blue red moon’ sounds like a distant lost relative to the much Quickspace’s ‘they shoot horses don’t they’. A place where those admiring of sepia sunbursts as found on Helen’s ‘felt this way’ delicately dream daze to the surrendering bliss pop of the simply divine mirroring whose ‘fell sound’ arrives – or so it would seem – suspended in the ether orbiting inside its own hermetically sealed bubble. The glacially crystalline beauty of disasterpeace occasions the soiree whilst the frankly ahead of the curve burial slope in with two bursts of elegiac elegance. That said we here are more than a  little fond of the gloom grooved shadowy down n’ out crookedness of Cindy Lee’s ‘holding the devil’s hand’ which had us loosely minded of lost  souls the Orson Family along with the  quite untouchable Grimes whose vapour trailed eleectro mysterio ‘weregild’ has something of the weird imprint about its wares, that said you could always swoon to the Knife’s immaculately wonky hymnal ‘still light’ or Acronym’s ‘humid zone’ whose bowed rhythmic wooziness casts a curious strange sense of disorientation to your listening normality. https://www.mixcloud.com/gorillavsbear/gorilla-vs-bear-2015-halloween-mix/

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