topos locos

About to break cover shortly everybody’s favourite twang-a-delic mysterios – (except you just don’t know it yet) Topos Locos will be occupying one side of a groove sharing black and red splatter wax 7 inch double b side feature with the equally zonked out the Blue Giant Zeta Puppies. ‘Madelina Valentina’ is your Tarentinoid Lynchian Hitchcock-ed n’er do well whodunnit all graced in the kind of strut shimmied grooverella that hints at a dastardly studio gathering engaged upon by various shadowy dudes from the TV Personalities, the Phantom Chords and Brand Violet here all assembled to swoon your sound system in a vintage 60’s adoring shoe shuffling hip wiggling spy schooled riff rippled rapture amid which appears momentarily a soft psych interlude that slyly casts shimmertoned shadows for your adoring affection. Any questions?

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