free school

Is this just the most gorgeous thing orbiting sound world right this moment – well we’d like to think so. In truth I can’t recall whether or not we mentioned this earlier, I’m of the thinking this flip cut wasn’t on our ‘love calling’ promo but whether we did or not or whether it was or wasn’t is of no consequence because it’s still a dandy and deserving of some listening love especially given the bands new full length ‘dancing on the dark’ is shortly to emerge on the ever adored static caravan imprint. Anyhow they be Free School, this be ‘don’t make your life so hard’ as recalibrated by Sam Redmore, that simply translates as the most bliss kissed euphoric 6 minutes you’ll hear in a fair while, a Balearic lunar odyssey dimpled in the soft yearning crush of cooling kosmiche all teasingly turned in a sultry trance-toned stadium glow that manages to simultaneously touch base with KLF, EMF and the Flaming Lips with a flag waving parade leading Go Team at the fore.

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