Much adored around these here parts, recent visitations to these pages courtesy of some well heeled outings via the eclectic hidden shoal imprint have found releases bearing the name Kramies endowing our listening space with a rarefied exquisite glow that quite frankly has had us steeling ourselves hard to hold back to trickle of bitter sweet tears. Amid the intimate setting afforded by the Grand Theatre in Angers, France earlier this year and in front of an appreciating 700 strong audience, Kramies took to the stage guided by a solitary amber light to surrender and seduce them in equal measure. ‘forets antiques’ is a five track document of that performance, quiet,  tender and humble, gorgeously wistful and drifting, often touching always reflective not to mention spectral and haunting. For your listening pleasure ‘the fate that never favoured us’ in this intimate shelling is found removed of its fragile cosmic framing and hushed and sighed crushingly to accentuate its graceful hymnal lilt whilst ‘wooden heart’ is reborn anew and ghosted upon an mellowing air that suggests its author is keenly attuned to the work of June Panic. And while new cut ‘’Ireland’ is longingly traced with a hollowed and reflective tear stained beauty its ‘sea otter cottage’ that had us somewhat cowed and stopped  dead in our tracks by the rushing howl of our emotional defences as they creaked and cracked to the hurtful siege at play.

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