finders keepers radio show – Halloween special….

Dark lords of the dansette and purveyors of the strange and kooky, that’ll be Messrs Shipton, Votel and Mitchell take time out from rooting through forgotten record vaults to don fright wigs and get all stereophonically spooky in an extended Finders Keepers radio show podcast, even midway through managing to upset the supernatural community and ending up getting themselves turned into knee high versions of themselves. Among the tomb tapping chillers airing here a little Ennio, a smidgeon of ‘psychomania’, the essences of dismal land – who I must admit do a neat line in Victoriana freak circus wonkiness. Elsewhere there’s a sprig of Spectre, a sprinkling of Vampires of Darmoore, some witchy stuff, Bruno Nicolai, some devilish vampiro disco kitsch courtesy of Andy Forray’s ‘Drac’s back’ and a very rare showing of Eric Feremans’ whose ‘Antwerp Killer’ soundtrack is about to – we believe – emerge on vinyl very shortly on FK soon……

those fancying more pre teaser listening tastings of that aforementioned Eric Fereman set ‘Antwerp killer’ replete with the whole back story as to its coming to being – for an admirers of Goblin, Vangelis and Fred Myrow and Malcolm Seagrave’s legendary ‘phantasm’ soundtrack…..

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