musical interlude – horrorphonic weird ear – Andy Votel

musical interlude – horrorphonic weird ear….

Harking back to the previous posting, we did eye this two part horror soundtrack selection as cobbled together by Finder Keeper and among other things all round vinyl hunter Andy Votel looming in the cyberspace shadows……a fairly comprehensive and broad spectrum of styles and sounds that have graced the horror phonic silver screen these last few decades, bonus marks for the inclusion of ‘psychomania’ – perhaps one of the most underrated sets of the genre and certainly worthy of one of those revisiits by say Fruits de Mer while I’m embarrassed that until now I was carefree and unaware of the existence of Acanthus’ fairly immense and tripped out score for ‘le frisson des vampires’ – something I suspect ripe for the psych heads among you. Over on the second helping of selections ‘phantasm’ has to be the prime contender in terms of personal favourites followed very closely by Korzynski’s quite oddly angular and fragmented chamber kraut growl on ‘the devil’. However interested parties might do well to hook up to John Baker’s tension fracturing mosaic for the gruesome Aussie shocker ‘night of fear’. while Kobayashi and Yoshini’s frankly off the wall and off its face skedaddled free form hippy chic ju-ju kookiness that is the backdrop to ‘77’s ‘Hausa’ certainly deserves an ear especially if you fancy your sounds somewhat mutantly grooved in the kind of kraut jazz once adoring turntables from the brain imprint.. Pierre Raph on the other applies some svelte elegance on his demurred mysterio ‘rose de fear’ .

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