lemmchen elementary school vs. kraftwerk

Look I do realise that many of you think we rail against pop’s protected species (hello Morrissey, hello the Beatles) just for fun, but we don’t, honest. That said given we’ve upset pretty much most of the pop loving community with our objections to some of their heroes (hello Morrissey, hello the Beatles) we thought we’d start up a whole new online bun fight because frankly it’s been a while since we enthused in a spot of debating here. And so with that, we’d like to introduce you to the Lemmchen Elementary School who residing in Maine, a place somewhere near Hamburg, have cobbled up a rather inspired class gathering version of Kraftwerk’s ‘Die Roboter’ and then to top it all off have thrown in a neat little routine all decked in cardboard robotic outfits. Is there anything not to love and anything these lil’ dudes can’t do – I suggest they start immediately on a new Kraftwerk album. Onward brave hearts and let the great debate commence   


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