freshly squeezed halloween

this one’s two years old, the new spooky selection quickly follows, that said  the freshly squeezed dudes are a little more flirty and playful with their selections, among this wealth of forgotten grooves from the vaults there’s a neat bit of Frank courtesy of ‘witchcraft’, some deliciously kooky accordion oozed Victoriana disco from the real Tuesday weld of whom I’m ashamed to admit it’s been a while since we heard from. The tiger lilies are no slouches either with the groaning blurry eyed bar room prairie prowling ‘living hell’ creaking eerily as though someone had dreamed up a trick or treating turnout with Lydia Lunch fronting a very youthful Black Heart Procession. I’m suspecting the excellently named the voodoo trombone quartet’s ‘voodoo juju’ might be growing into something of an obsession with our turntable. Throw in the obligatory ‘sympathy for the devil’ which strangely enough never seems to appear on these mix tapes, add in a killer Scatman Crother take on ‘ghost riders’, some Neville Brothers, I Monster and a few Kid Kasino treats – one of which whose ‘I want to be evil’ is so damn sexy that our stereo gets all turntable tied each and every time it pouts and winks at it.

the latest freshly squeezed selection is pretty much the same as above with the track listing jigged around with the addition of some tasty treats from Billie Holiday – ‘that ole devil called love’, Donovan’s ‘season of the witch’ and the frankly superb ‘hell’s bells’ from the clearly fully paid up Beefheart-ian Hayseed Dixie doing hillbilly hi-jinks on the AC/DC classic from yore.

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