pilooski feat. jarvis cocker

another cut that’s been pricking our inner weird ear, alas we’ve no idea from whereupon we stumbled across this or indeed whether it’s actually out and if so where you can get it from. Safe to say one thing we are sure of is that this should be high of the listening pleasures of those among you fully versed in all things Trunk, Finders Keepers and Buried Treasure not to mention fancying something dreamlike and disorientating that appears to shift from Radiophonic terrains stopping by at the kind of minimalist electronica much adored and emanating from the bureau b stable not to mention opting for a little detouring into Tubby Hayes territories whilst lavished in hypno-grooving afrobeat progressions all framed in the lush floral sonic fauna of Embryo. It’s by – we think – Pilooski – it’s called ‘completely sun’ and features a guest vocal by Jarvis Cocker doing a reading from Carl Gustav Jung – really is disturbingly superb much like something from the outer realms of Chris Morris’ blue jam workouts. https://soundcloud.com/rbstudiospar/01-pilooski-completely-sun

update – it’s found here……



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