musical interlude – symphonic bond

Musical Interlude – symphonic bond….

Coinciding with the screen release of the latest Bond feature ‘Spectre’, Matthew Sweet continues his excellent ‘sounds of cinema’ broadcast in the company of composer Neil Brand to discuss and investigate the lasting appeal of the 007 sound. From Monty Norman’s re-tweaked classic Bond motif to Thomas Newman’s bombastic scores for ‘Skyfall’ and ‘Spectre’, Sweet and Brand delve deep into the symphonic legacy of licence to kill, a sound defined by the legendary scores composed by John Barry as crystallised and brought to fruition on ‘Goldfinger’ from therein setting into motion a dancing blueprint that purred suave and sex in equal chic measure. On a personal level, these ears have always been more than fond of the Lionel Bart assisted ‘007’ motif running through ‘from Russia with love’, it’s that constant impatient push for space from each of the brass sections in so much as down sweeping sighs as one replaces the other with the synchronisation exquisitely choreographed so as to cast an urgently edgy tingle to proceedings. Here the development of identifying character signatures for each of the actors tasked to don the holster and trademark Walther PPK are explored, the lightness almost humorous quirkiness of Moore to the brooding shadowiness of Craig.

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