soldiers of fortune

Frankly sounds to us like these dudes are having way too much fun. This is Soldiers of Fortune who are a band who don’t want to be a band, signed to a label when in reality they didn’t want tying down but after a quick chat with the labels owners kind of liked the company they were in with so tagged along for the ride and these days find themselves hauled into the recording studio when said record label remembers it’s been a while since they checked in. they feature various members of Interpol, Oneida and Chavez among others and have been known in the very recent past to have a penchant for press ganging passing musicians – Cass McCombs, Stephen Malkmus, Ethan Miller, Matt McAuley, Clark Bronson and Dan Melchior being the latest draftees. Their press people refer to their sound as ‘super loose psych rock’ while the band themselves open admit – impishly – they have no idea whether they like it or not. They have an album coming out soon. Very soon. In fact next week (if that is you are reading this at the start of November, if not, then in that case last week or quite possibly last year). The album is called ‘early risers’ it’s out through Mexican Summer and from it this is ‘Campus Swagger’ featuring Stephen Malkmus – in short three minutes of super cooled moonshine swigging prairie road blues that to these ears sounds as though its mainlining on a diet of Modern Lovers and Mojo Nixon with the spirit of the good Captain Beefheart sitting on its shoulder.  

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