hologram teen

And here’s the errant flip side to that rather spiffing ‘post apocalypteacakes’ 7 inch current doing bad things on the deep distance imprint. The handiwork of ex Stereolab-er Morgane Lhote who these days ghosts around cloaked under the mysterious guise as Hologram Teen. Pressed up on limited quantities of clear wax ‘tracksuit minotaur’ is a pretty wigged out affair that sounds for all the world as though its fallen straight out of the 70’s clouded in a weird’d haze helped on by a self medicated mushroom episode and found curiously blurring the lines and spacing out on a diet of prog, horrorphonics, kraut krooked electronics, disco and futuristic car chase soundtracks which enhanced by vocoder phasing and blessed with a floor fracturing throb hints of an obsessive White Noise infatuation spliced by lost Supersister platters all of which I guess you could file as a kind of psychotropic ‘wizard of Odd’.  


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