experimental underground survey

Back with the Tara Experiment who we mentioned a little earlier, seems he has a track on an excellently compiled, well I suppose you could call it a rough guide of some sort, portfolio series that explores the experimental sound constituents of the populated territories of the globe. Collectively named the ‘experimental underground survey’, this series has over the last few months trained its ear lobes upon the underground scenes across the world with an aim to sourcing its finest movers and shakers operating on the ambient / electronic / strange sound axis. In some respects a more contemporary addendum to Sub Rosa’s critically essential ‘an anthology of noise and electronic music’ series, this extensive resource library comes courtesy of  the Italian based Unexplained Sounds Group and is headed up by Sonologyst an aural alchemist in his / her own right with a vast body of self released work  of their own. To date the ‘experimental underground survey’ series has produced 8 such volumes training its eye over the Spanish, Italian, French, Eastern European, Scandinavian, British and of course American scenes – all of which in the coming weeks we hope to be visiting on various occasions. For now though as originally advertised ‘between the wires’ finds the Tara Experiment in alien waters culturing minimalist terrains, holding a microscopic ear to the busying chatter and binary murmur of the information highway, the skittering jostle of the harmonic hums and the twitching bleeps opine to create a strange communicative sound world that’s as eerily detached as it is alienated and somewhat foreboding for here amid the glassy and silvery shimmering orbs ghostly footprints blur the lines in an ethereal haze that owes as much to the studio invention of the Radiophonic Workshop as it does the mysterious dystopian future worlds as envisaged by Louis and Bebe Baron. And while we are here can we direct you to the decidedly chilling and disquieting ‘sham’ by bedtime for robots who by way of utilising and manipulating backward loops and all manner of phasing and speed techniques, crafts a truly behind the sofa moment that replicates disembodied EVP transmission with a white noise scratchiness which as odd and ominous as it would first seem begins to shape up to reveal a strangely alluring though ostensibly morosely minimalist gloomed pop sortie once that is, the ears have adjusted to it fragmenting frequency.. that said lest we forget to mention Ligeia Mare’s quiet wonderfully warped ‘the lost tapes’ whose distractively woozy jazz dissipates and complete disregard for timing, structure and footing might well even have those Volcano the Bear chaps momentarily stroking their chins whilst scratching their head and into the bargain redefine the descriptive notion of odd and out there. Rest assured we will be back.   http://unexplainedsoundsgroup.bandcamp.com/album/usa-experimental-underground-015-survey-2     

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  1. Hello Mark and cheers from Tampa, Florida! I appreciate your review on my Bedtime for Robots track, SHAM. I invite you to check out bedtimeforrobots.com for more dark and experimental electronic and organic aural musings.

    Michael Ferentino

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