anla courtis

Can’t remember where exactly on cyberspace we picked this up from but safe to say that mentions for Anla Courtis have been a long time coming in these pages not least because earlier in the year he sent over downloads for a quite frankly awesome slab of out there groove which alas got stranded and lost on a hard drive that saw fit to spontaneously combust and with a shed load of sound files and variously cobbled together missives. Latest to the extensive catalogue of this prolific Argentine sound alchemist is a limited cassette through obsolete units entitled ‘el raspiarero’ which features two elongated suites that find Mr Courtis cutting up some seriously zonked out swamp strangled primordial chamber blues. For now we’ve only an extract of side 1 to go by but enough of an earful to detect a sonic trajectory that channels the outer spheres of Father Murphy and my cat is an alien to name but two, not for the faint of heart for ‘rp1’ comes shrieked in a glooming array of twisted chord scalps, looming groans and the disquieting guttural howl of disfigured fret board manipulations which aligned together give an acute warping feeling to the proceedings as though your teetering uncomfortably on a warning ledge whose pathway leads to some indescribably dark abyss. Admirers of Fred Frith and Bill Horist will not go unrewarded.

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