cavern of anti matter

Cavern of Anti Matter – who I’m certain we’ve had cause to mention previously in these pages – provide the completing piece of this Other Voices soiree, if I recall rightly these dudes feature various Strereolab-ers who’ve since left the planet and no doubt the solar system to undertake an exploratory voyage into the deep voids of cosmic milky way, occasionally stopping by at various celestial out posts to transmit lunar love notes back home – on this occasion courtesy of ‘pulsing river velvet phase’ and ‘phototones’ – the former sounding not unlike some hitherto softly surrendered star sedating suite intended for the ‘Lab’s lost classic ‘cobra and phases’ set that fell through a dimensional fracture in time and space and was happened upon and locked onto by their sonic shuttle tractor beams on their recent travels. As to ‘phototones’ – a nifty slice of hypno grooving motorik boogie from an alternative sound space where the boy Hook armed with trademark low strung bass is found dandifying a kosmich kooled kollective of fuxa and slipstream types.  

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