There’s been a fair amount of activity on the ghost box sound player of late as they prep themselves for a little record store love in the shape of two new releases in their ongoing Other Voices series. First up ToiToiToi, pressed up on limited quantities of heavy duty seven inch slabs of wax housed in specially designed die cut card sleeves and featuring two delightfully dinky cuts the first of which ‘odins jungle’ beats a decidedly crooked path to emerge dizzily from the sleepy headed percussive clatter and chatter adorned in dreamy oriental mosaics and set adrift in a kaleidoscopic pea green boat. In truth put us much in mind of some secret and thought lost Metrotone happening with Magnetophone from way back in the foggy mists of time being unearthed and kookily re-calibrated by a gathering of wonky souls from the Bearsuit records collective.. over on the flip its all aboard the wonky wurlitzer that is the serenely toned ‘golden green’ for a cosy toed spot of  dreamy  70’s time travelled pastoral kosmiche. Does it for us.

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