It’s been a fairly quiet year by Vacilando ’68 standards, it’s not like they’ve been sitting on their hands and having a lazy year off whilst pretending to hoodwink the alarmed masses of music heads that they’ve just been simply hibernating. Perish the thought, more so they’ve just been giving you guys and little time and space before bringing to your listening step a new bag of bop till you drop beauties all of which pencilled upon a near  future schedule ought to see outings from the likes of piper’s son, stuart turner and the flat earth society and pete Molinari – though the latter is in fact a book type thing – but you get the picture all the same. However all that comes after this. A new thang from Simon and the Pope, and yes we did say thang as opposed to thing. Gathering together Simon Charterton and John Pope, the former appearing on two of the finest singles to emerge from the Thatcherite chill of the 80’s British alternative scene namely the Higsons’ frankly infectious ‘I don’t want to live with the monkeys’ and Serious Drinking’s ‘love on the terraces’ whilst the latter an self confessed improve bassist and occasional geek whose appeared variously on platters and performances by the likes of the odd little group and Mustek. Out shortly – next week in fact, a three track seven emerges led from the fore by ‘beats workin’’- a strangely curious and, goes without saying, alarmingly listenable turntable treat blessed with a dandy rhythmically pushing piping that might well signal a lost soundtrack leader for a modern day slacker rewrite of ‘Ferris Bueller’ had anybody bothered to check in on him some thirty years later, here all framed to a tightly coiled jazznobabble crookedness that impishly nibbles around the edges of a John Lurie musical mind. In truth we here are a tad taken by the second cut ‘fella’ which finds the ghosts of wordy wordsmith Ian Dury sitting on its shoulder even aping perfectly his vocal inflections whilst perched upon a muted jazz funk cool that we guarantee will drive you to distraction in trying to think of words ending in ‘ella’ that the blighters have overseen. Parting shot ‘swallow’ is all intricately groovy noodling across some serious chin stroking jazz beardyness that in some respects has the surreal sense of  a circle forming 90’s comedy meets studious muso cool in so much as a brief revisiting of the Fast Show lampooning the tank top, slippers and pipe faux intellectualist snobbery of a pre punk Old Grey Whistle Test though here relocated to the no wave late 70’s hipster stateside vibe of James Chance and the Contortions. Whatever the case this is a release that ought to be on the radar of those so adoring of the platters flung out at will by those wonderfully detuned mischief makers over at fioolproof projects in Brighton.


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