topos locos / the blue giant zeta puppies split

Mentioned this a few days or so ago – in fact here – – a twang-a-rella surfadelica shimmer toning seven inch pop platter gouged on red and black swirly wax arriving imminently at a record emporium near you soon. A double b-side feature that’s adored on one side by the hugely admired topos locos whose ‘Madelina Valentina’ still sounds to these ears like a hip shimmying slab of 60’s sophisticat spy noir ricocheting from out of the fading mists of time all coolly strut grooved and kaleidoscopically swirled in a vintage late 60’s ITC storybook tapestry that’s oozed in murder, mystery and fatal romance whilst sonically served by a morphing mindset of TV Personalities and Brand Violets’ back room ne’er do well’ers Henderson Shatner types. As to the Blue Giant Zeta Puppies half of the groove grizzled pact, they serve up the spooked – a – delic monster mash ‘the man who cheated death’, a sub three minute tomb rumbling flesh creeping b-movie shocker-a-rama exhumed from the horror-phonic picture landscapes of the Weird Tales illustrator of Lee Brown Coye, that comes ghosted in the kind of reverb soaked primordial terror twang that that spends storm gloomed witching hours plays murder in the dark with the Cramps and the Meteors in the basement of 1313 mockingbird lane. – pre fright wig ear gear.  Go to at your earliest peril – toposlocos, or

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