vital weekly #1006

This one’s a bit of a puzzle as we can’t make out whether or not – though we suspect it is – this is part of the vital distribution corps who at one time or another in the dark dim past we used to get highly informative release schedule lists from which aside opening us up to some very strange sounds operating on the outer edges of the pop spectrum as well as being used by us to pester our poor beleaguered record emporium with demanding wants lists. Anyway it probably isn’t them in which case we’ve wasted typing space and spent the last 100 plus words fondly reminiscing out of our backside. However point of this is that there’s a nifty mix cloud content featuring the pickings of current releases being serviced on a weekly basis that we’ve just eyed, a 25 minute round up relaying what’s causing a buzz on the underground, current pod #1006 (hell there’s plenty of catching up to do if that’s the case) opens to the Ramones and B-52’s mind melt meets Sigue Sigue Sputnik happenings of the excellently named magic moments at twilight time whose ‘blitzkrieg’ is you’re A bomb embracing hillbilly hooting road grooved slice of rock-a-hula which truth has it had us much recalling of a spikier variant of the Boot Hill Foot Tappers. Taylor Deupree and Marcus Fischer’s ‘sailmaker’ is a more considered affair, a neo classical drone scape that sounds as though its making its lonesome journey across the fog bound rivers of Styx and Acheron. It’s been way too long since machinefabriek troubled these pages, I’d like to think they’ve been lessened as a result, here twinned with Celer for ‘Hei’ which desirably finds itself translating into a delightful example of sustained poise, measurement and soft sonic propulsion. Long time admirers of the much missed Mixing It broadcasts via BBC Radio 3 many, many years many feel a sense of radio listening déjà vu upon hearing Powertrio’s ‘di lontan fa specchio II mare’ mainly for its eerie elegance and beautified balance in so much as you feel the slightest little wind tremor will cause it’s delicate ice sculptured enchantment to shatter into tiny fragments. More ghostly drone scapes usher forth our way on an untitled piece by Phillip Schulze and Andrew Raffo Dewar that had us much minded to root out and reacquaint ourselves with the work of Alphane Moon and Our Glassie Azoth. Another untitled piece next, this one featuring Deison who I’m certain we may have mentioned previously via outings for Aagoo who incidentally will be featuring later at some surprise unknown point. Here teamed up with Gianluca Favaron for a spot of subterranic mining of the more denser sonic sub strata and returning back to base with what sounds like some strange manifestation from a Quatermass happening. Those who like their jazz a little hairy, chin stroking and out there might fancy the warped and weird ju-ju being cooked up by Gasper Claus and Matthieu Prual on ‘part IV’ which in truth sounds not unlike some seriously way out Henry Cow incarnation being scalped by James Chance and the Contortions. Last up and by no means least, with its slowly arcing shifts in tonality, we here are suspecting that Tim O’Dwyer’s ‘hysteresis II’ might give anything that the combined ranks of both the kranky and important sound houses could muster up by way of a run for its money in terms of slow burn sonics, delayed tuning and dronal manipulation.

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