spool’s out #29

Plenty of catching up for us to do over the coming days upon finding that spools out has been cobbling out mix cloud treats aplenty since being invited to air their listening delights on Resonance FM, was it really last Christmas or perhaps worse still, the Christmas before, that we last had cause to have them gracing our pages in what was a year end round up of the best tape releases. Show #29 is a positive feast of underground finds from across the globe featuring imprints resolutely keeping the cassette flame alive. The set opens with a Nate Scheible sortie mentioned in an earlier dispatch before swiftly moving to the hypno grooving earthbeat and slow pulsar shimmy of melly’s quite attractively alluring ‘um gum’ – a track which, all said, had us in mind of the intricately detailed minimalist murmur of tarwater’s recent set for bureau b this gem coming pulled from a cassette release put out by where to now. Nicola Ratti’s ‘ankle again through the where to now imprint offers a darker perspective sounding to these ears like a dense appreciation of Blue Monday’s ‘murder’ being re-visualised by a particularly brooding clock dva. ‘definition dub’ as you rightly come to expect, and quite possibly rightly demand, is a neat slice of head shrooming dub-tropia relocated to, unless our ears do despair, some Tibetan outland, anyhow its by Jay Glass Dubs and is heading out of Hyle Tapes. Somewhere else there’s the hugely creative melee cobbled together by the Warsaw Improvisers orchestra who surely deserve further investigation not least because ‘that’ from an Astral Spirit issued cassette sounds not unlike a Zorn’d out Terry Edwards decamped on the pickled egg imprint and found going head to head with Now. What an immaculate racket Senyawa make courtesy of the end of the alphabet cassette label, in truth we here reckon beta lactam ring are missing a trick for this is just out there and fried, all wiring tribal chants, screeching aplenty and doomy throat chants much recalling Soriah going toe to toe with a particularly scorched and demonic sounding La STPO. I’m sure we’ve featured the wares of bum tapes at some point in our written existence, if we haven’t then more fool us, for ‘summers of love’ from the paired craft of Stuart Chalmers and Graham Dunning is a strangely warping experience albeit only a brief segment here, there’s more than a whiff of creative skulduggery afoot as to have you eager to investigate more not least if your chosen listening poison happens to veers into Frank and Wobblty Sons territories. Those of a certain and fascination for such things might well remember how annoying metal tapes where, useless for recording over because they’d leave ghostly residues of your former taping experiences. I mention all this because I fear Radis Benu’s vintage arcadia ‘prspctv4 endless bubble’ has been similarly beset and through the ferric haze a sepia ghosted time slip transistor knob teiddling curio from a lost past have been reawakened. Equally strange Broshuda’s glitch hop ‘heatmap’ – once examined under the sonic eyeglass appears like a magnified aural mosaic of some huge hulking interplanetary pinball wizard being played with small planets and passing stars. Out via extreme ultimate, Cove’s ‘crystallisation of human tusks’ veers ever so closely to the stately post rockian altitudes of San Lorenzo , all at once brooding, bruised and beautiful. Oozed in flurries of dreamy flotillas, we must admit to being taken by the liquidy lilts of Cian’s quite adorable ‘hudson song’ with its subtly oriental washes and lunar lulls. There will be third kind records action shortly given the label recently sent over a quite amazing tape release by fisty Kendal which has been receiving the required adoration since arriving in our gaff, for now something from their Halloween mix tape that we mentioned in passing a little while back from Wrong Signals, this being ‘battle fields’ who carve out what can only be described as a hypnosis inducing cosmic SOS. Admittedly you might be hearing more from rings around Saturn given we here are more than a little smitten by ‘fin’ – a gloriously demurring not to mention lovelorn oceanic orbital opining arrestingly from some distant galactic outpost. That said we are adoring of the playful confusion enacted upon our listening space by Kalou whose ‘invitation to love’ once emerged from its crooked opening unfurls as though a variant of Julee Cruise’s ‘fallen’ re-assembled by an impish the Knife. Those ever found lying at wake at night wondering what mutoid sounds might emerge had Depth Charge and Biosphere ever happened to share the same studio space, time and dimension then we suggest you seek out Couch Souvenirs ‘lebensschleife’ while those fancying a spot of coolly strobed noir dinked industrial trip hop operatics sophistication might be minded to cast an appreciative ear over Astrosuka and ornamenti’d’oro’s enigmatic darkwave darling ‘ahaetulla nasutu’ which unless memory fails put me much in mind of a youthful Noblesse Oblige squaring up to SPK. Is that a Theremin we do hear on Die Geister Beschworen’s ‘on my moneth’s minde’ from their tarkovsky greem imprint release, all wonderfully woozy death folk. And so we’re back with the power moves label for talugung whose ‘conversion vase’ features on a charity compilation put out by the label which we will try and squeeze in here in the coming days. As to ‘conversion vase’ a gorgeous pastoral posy, is that flutes and analogue keys we hear, daintily daubing the listening space in an airy dream drift, very Phillip Glass all said. Final post for this particular spools out transmission comes from ondness with ‘curfew’ from their where to now label release, ‘sentinela’- a wonderful cloud watching spectacle of micro sonic cosmic collages traced in dub daubed vapour trailing flotillas all dinked by the soft turn of delicately shifting tonalities – does it for us. https://spoolsoutradio.wordpress.com/

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