cavern of anti-matter

Due to dock earth orbit sometime around February next year, a six-sided triple vinyl odyssey from Cavern of Anti-Matter entitled ‘void beats / invocation trex’ through the recently reactivated Duophonic imprint passes through our sonic solar system. The collective made up of ex Stereolab-ers Gane and Dilworth along with Holger Zapf find themselves picking up the odd stray passenger along the way with sonic boom, Bradford cox and jan st werner all applying for temporary boarding passes. The set itself continues the Anti Matter dudes ongoing voyage into total immersive kosmiche, with ‘melody in high feedback tones’ being sent ahead by way of a scouting shuttle, a slyly dream dazed slice of 60’s lounge noir cultured in sounds of the future revisited from the past that very much chimes to a vintage cosmic coolness ghost lit in subtle spy sophistication that comes tripped in a lush aural flora seductively dipping between distant worlds co-habited by John Barry, Henry Mancini and Broadcast.

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