the Circle Squares

You might have to bear with us while we seek out permissions to host the sound links, but we’ve literally been dropped a trio of cuts from the polytechnic youth family, one is their next planned single – and not as previously advertised by the freqdesign but something curiously kooky all framed in a proto primitive house / techno vibe from Diane Cools and the Distortion. First up though a demo by Circle Squares of whom there’s a tad bit of tight lipped hush hush about. The cut in question though, entitled ‘what is this is’ is a bit of a dandy which on first listening had us fondly imagining Georgio Moroder awoken to find himself somehow relocated through a fissure in time and lost amid the cold war electroid landscapes of the ghost box hive conscious. Yet add to the sonic equation aural apertures that whisper Dadaist intonations amid ghostly 60’s shadow plays spaced out upon cosmic chorals and something mercurial begins to emerge through minimalist haze tweaking our memory files in sourcing something very much becoming of an early career Birdpen and the Earlies.

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