year end…..

We hate end of the year polls – but we’ve been asked to scribble down our ten favourite albums of the year – this being us and us being impish – we could only think of nine off the hoof – so expect bruised egos, noses out of joint – apologies to one and all everything we’ve heard this year has been superb otherwise we wouldn’t waste our time listening to it…..but…..

1, Art of the Memory Palace – this life is but a dream
2. the black ryder – the door behind the door
3. vukovar – emperor
4. jack ellister – tune up your ministers and start the transmissions from pool holes to class o hypergiants
5. beautify junkyards – the beast shouted love
6. jacco gardner – hypnophobia
7. die wilde jagd – die wilde jagd
8. fufanu – few more days to go
9. the cardiacs – the seaside – indeed not strictly speaking a new release but come on – thirty years on and it still sounds like nothing in record world…..

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