Those ever finding themselves suffering night tremors plagued by visions of alternative worlds where a lunar pop variant of Ultravox mark 1 where fronted by mystical psychedelist Paul Roland might well think the skewed realities of dream and real life had somehow conspired to loom out of the figments of imagination to stand large as life in plain sight and having a cheeky brew by your turntable when Invaderband’s latest sortie comes rearing into earshot, for ‘attack of the pod people’ comes straight out of the TV Personalities secret song book, a buzz sawing new waved b-movie slab of sci-fi-rama trimmed in kaleidoscopically cosmic ray gun riffs gorged on Dan Dare doings and space spy school kookiness. Clipped in a softly cured English psych eccentricity, over on the flip ‘at right angles’ treads ever so subtly across the surreal lysergic head expanding fried fields of a post Floyd Syd albeit here rephrased by an ‘underwater moonlight’ era Robyn Hitchcock whilst sharing the b side space something of an ode for the outsider the analogue key swooned ‘handcuffed man shoots himself’ pulled from a BBC session hooks upon a mercurial myriad of reference markers not least the much missed beatnik filmstars who on this occasion appear to be stage invading a half man half biscuit soiree.

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