cold country

absolutely gorgeous this, a new EP forged from various b-sides and out takes left on the cutting room floor in the finalisation of their ‘Willow’ full length. This is Cold Country, a Chicago based collective headed up by Sean O’Connell whose aforementioned album ought to be attracting wide acclaim if the contents of this EP are what they hide on flip sides. Seven tracks sit within the ‘Fall’ EP that blends countrified cool (‘’when we were young’), gospel ghosted delta blues mosaics dreamily beset with the spirit of Fahey buoyed by Low Anthem (‘to providence’) and seafaring prairie pedal steel opines (‘letter to my daughters’) to such exquisite craft that in truth we’ve not heard the likes of since that rather wonderful Luke Harmonium dropped our way a year or two ago. However as ever with time constraints we’d like to concentrate your minds and hearts alike on two rather special cuts namely ‘song of return’ and ‘fall reprise’ – the former a milky murmured frail and fragile flutter by serenaded in the most adoring lunar lulled sepia swooned shimmer toning, whilst the latter – well sadly our free credits on the bandcamp expired before we had a chance to scribble words of fondness….safe to say it’s a bit of a heartbreaking honey and something which we’ll no doubt have occasion to mention in fullness once we nab those vital download codes.

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