kiran leonard

Get over the fact that this ‘un is 16 minutes long, and yes we did get a mild visitation of the old five o’clock shadow during its stay, but for a fair few of you out there, we are suspecting that this will be the sonic equivalent of several birthdays all tumbling in at once. Its author is, by the way, only 20 years old, which kind of makes a mockery of some who’ve been plying their trade for some 40 years plus, it teams with ideas and reference points (three minutes in and counting we’ve already noted Beefheart, Billy Mahonie, Archer Prewitt – and that’s just starters) and while it mightn’t be pushing the envelope its packed with enough distractively waywardness and sense of disconnecting all over the shop acuteness as to have admirers of groove that rips up the rulebook cooing fondly in the aisles. Kiran Leonard clearly has a few unresolved issues which fortunate for us translates on occasion into stuff like ‘pink fruit’. This intense, intricate, dislocated and clearly complex sound board heads up a forthcoming set for moshi moshi entitled ‘grapefruit’ which we suspect will attract critical acclaim when it drops next March. Be under no illusion ‘pink fruit’ is a colossus, a colossus that teeters and turns from moments of savage brutality and simmering storm gathering glowering to warping dream like states with the occasional off road detour into Vernon Elliott / Nyman-esque pastoral symphonia and fog bound wood crafted rustic hymnals. ‘pink fruit’ lurks on the dark side of Sonic Youth in much as Mr Leonard possesses that same exquisite knack for bringing and pulling everything back out of the seeming fracturing discordant chaos, amid the claustrophobic groaning loom of the gnarled riffola a howling unravelling psychosis peels that jars, jabs, spars and scowls to lay invisible joining dots to the likes of thinking fellers local union 282, trumans waters and most obviously of all shellac, while lest we add in the small but essential detail that had this emerged with the trusted name of touch n’ go tattooed to its hide the blighter would be the toast of the underground scene. Incidentally the blighter comes pressed up on a single sided etched 12 inch this coming February.

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