presents for sally / the last king of england

And back to that Static Waves set from Saint Marie which we promise we will be spending more time with in the near future, for now though a little gem from the much adored presents for sally. ‘there’s no other place’ is a haze drenched lovely adoringly surrendered in reclining sleepy headed showers of Cocteau-ian after burns and the sighing chiming fizz of bliss bathed vapour glazes. Elsewhere you’ll find last king of England who I’m certain have visited upon these pages at one time or other, ‘red hook’ breaks from the usual pedal fracturing shoe gaze shimmer toning and instead opts for something more muscular albeit trip-wired as though loitering a cross roads intersection where simultaneously passing on opposite sides are Grails and black angels from out of which whose mantra detailing a brooding and arcane ritual / nursery rhyme  gritted in the lost ways of the olde hypnotically weaves its spell craft. ought to appeal to those much admiring of Sennen all said.


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