public memory

Regardless of a fear that we stick our necks out a little too early, I’m fairly certain that should their promised debut full length shape up to approach anything as stunning as this, then frankly you may as well hand them next year’s album of the year award now. One of those very rare moments wherein you literally stop in your tracks transfixed at the pure perfection delicately unravelling from out of your sound system. Enigmatic, mysterious and despairingly bitter sweet not to mention hauntingly graceful, this is Public Memory and a free to download single entitled ‘lunar’ prized from a Spring pencilled, as yet untitled, set for felte. This sparsely woven beauty just smokes uber cool, sold to us as sounding like the Clinic which we’d have to agree, if that is, you arrested the pulse of ‘monkey on your back’ to a flickering murmur and then parcelled it off to a cryogenic chamber, we here though are thinking a spectral Modern Eon snaking over the Bunnymen’s ‘fuel’, betwixt its minimalist murmurs, hypno grooved mesmerics and hymnal haloes, emerging from the fracturing shadows something truly majestic comes, spirited upon desert dry arabesque ghost lights riding on oceanic opines.

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