A much welcomed message from Neil of the much missed dream poppers Whimsical alerting us to news that upon trawling through an old hard drive he’d unearthed sound files which had they not split in 2005, would have marked the bands second full length. Interest from Saint Marie records has since inspired Neil to contact former singer Krissy with a view to recording a third set though not before the recently polished and completed – aforementioned – gets an airing on the label next year. For now though Whimsical appear on the latest ‘Static Waves’ compilation – Volume 4 for the note takers among you – a kind of stellar gathering of sky pop talent currently orbiting the Saint Marie sphere of influence and featuring a weighty 33 track collection shoe horned across three shimmering CD’s of life affirming groove. For their part, Whimsical step in with chiming cascade that is ‘surreal’ – a bliss blistered crystalline cutie swirled in effervescent pulse racing plumes of love noted rhyming riff noodles here found fondly tail gaiting the radiant sky parting jet streams of a ‘turn to the sky’ era March Violets

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