the implicit order

Despite promises made last time we featured them, we again find ourselves somewhat on the back foot when it comes to all things the Implicit Order. Another new set sneaked out beneath our radar, one of which we’d have been none to aware of its existence were it not for the fact that we eyed a link on the excellent forestpunk blog site. For now we’ve only time to preview the opening salvo from ‘green hills of magic’ for ‘the sign I see it’ is a celestial angel sigh whose lonesome  tear stained opines softly lull as the hulking ambient tides cast a glorious serene calm. Yet for all its ice sculptured elegance, this being the craft of the implicit order, you sense that lurking ahead just out of sight something darkly macabre stirs in wait, and so with trepidation and a good deal of curiosity ‘the sign I see it’ slowly shifts in focus with the choral brightly set pulsars getting ever more dulled of their intensity much like the descent into the abyss where light soon surrenders to be smothered and extinguished by the shadows. For those adoring of Tangerine Dream.

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