If I recall rightly I think we may have lifted this from the Japanese Gum face book page, this little darling is by Fenster of whom information about we have absolutely no idea with which to pass along to you dear observer of these crooked musings except to say they’ve a cassette release entitled ‘emocean’ currently on limited issue – 50 in fact – out via the berlin based imprint Spati palace which is quite gorgeous. At least ‘memories’ is for that’s the only track we’ve thus far had the chance of being wooed by ,and wooed by we have been for this initially comes dreamily doodled in a intricate seafaring detailing that has you imagining Vini Reilly and Manual marooned on a desert island spending the day packing murmuring musical bottles for despatch. But then amid the tropicalia cool something much minded of the softening sigh of a ‘tango’ era Fleetwood Mac begins to delicately emerge to spray and adore your listening space in a lights lower subtle jazz intoxica.  


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