nick nicely

A fog bound beauty amid whose dissipating swirls and misty ghost lights, the haunting congregation of ghosts past, present and future walk its landscapes. Described as a hymn to the outcast….where the normal butts against the bizarre’, the third single to be culled from Nick Nicely’s ‘space of a second’ set from last year, ‘London south’ finds the psychedelic alchemist weaving his mercurial artistry to craft a head bowed and sepia hazed  oceanic dream coat that fragments and fractures with eerie guile with  the creaking ethereal sigh of spectral chorals emerging from the shadows bathing the proceedings in a deeply alluring though acutely bruised cinematic gracefulness. Elsewhere you’ll find an additional brace of re-trims of the same cut by Grasscuts and Abul Mogard, the former rephrasing the original template as a romantically dreamy lunar pastoral delicately dinked in a soft symphonic kiss traced in starry pulsars and the sleepy headed chime of lullaby lilts. As to Abul Mogard’s refit, a beautifully hulking 15 minute epitaph of panoramic perfection – all at once poised, measured and murmured in a finite majesty all haloed in sun scorched after burns – utter bliss.  available through lo recordings. 

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