lilith ai

Also out and about on lo recordings round about now, a new EP from Lilith Ai that arrives wrapped inside a 148 page comic / photo fanzine book featuring Lilith’s doodles and her friend, Georgia’s photography.  The EP features both cuts that featured on her debuting AA platter – those being ‘hang tough’ and ‘yeah yeah’ along with two newly peeled tracks in the shape of ‘riot’ and ‘catfish’. The former a kind of homage to the riot grrrl scene is a kookily off centred funk bitten slice of ear candy sassiness which we suspect you may need to nail your feet to the floor to stop them slopping off into frantic bouts of floor tapping reverie. That said it’s the latter cut that proves most interest here, for ‘catfish’ smokes with the kind of intimate maturity and grasp of life’s struggle that makes a lie of her tender years, all at once wounded, soulful and almost gospel like in its sighing graceful vulnerability that hints of a mid way crossing between Sandy Denny and Karen Dalton albeit as though reading from a Rodriguez song book. Links – we are working on them….

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