Staying with lo recordings for an extended moment, must admit I’ve seen no listings for this release and if there are any, then they are probably languishing in our bulging mail box sack.  You may recall us falling head over heels for this lots ‘warriors’ which incidentally you’ll find included on this rather dandy EP release entitled ‘feuerwerk’ – a cut which we adored with undying affection likening it to some laid back and smoked noir tryst between no ceremony and alt-j under the keenly watchful eye of ROC. Anyway this is Vuurwerk who as we’ve already gathered have an EP of the year headed up by the super chilled ‘black aerial’ – a gorgeously cavernous ice formed beauty that orbits the darker more seductive outer edge spectrums of Moby’s melodic universe all clipped in galactic garlands. Think we are okay to include the sound links – we await the complaints and legal threats if not.

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