cigarettes after sex

Okay I’ll admit we neared towards this intrigued by the band name, its little things like that which work for us, we are after all easy pleased. An absolute gem of a release and given we haven’t quite committed to an end of year list of singles, this I can tell you is making a late bid in the swift movement of the affection stakes. They are called Cigarettes after Sex, they hail from New York and I guess come from the school of Galaxie 500, they boast a new two track single that on its flip features an REO Speedwagon cover – fear not it’s not as bad as it may first sound, along with the delectable ‘Affection’. I mean this has it all, up there with that Charlotte Gainsbourg divine cover of Hendrix’s ‘hey joe’ which is a bit of misnomer given that what we first assumed were female vocals turns out not to be the case but rather more the feline purr of Greg Gonzalez. Still whatever the case this honey simultaneously tugs heavy on the smoky seduction of the Delgados and Mazzy Star in all their sublime  sultriness albeit as though surrendered to the sugar spun  softly slow sensitive purr of delicately demurred spiralling sighs of dissipating riff opines – frankly in the Butterflies of Love league. On the flip the previously advertised REO cover. ‘keep on loving you’, if you are taking notes at the back, plucked from the 80’s power ballad wilderness is here kissed in the slow smoulder of celestial star lights and fashioned exquisitely in the lazily spun dream draped ethereal hymnal hush of Cheval Sombre – utter bliss.      

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