faten kanaan

Another recent find on that there bandcamp community website and more vintage toned ghost box-y grooviness I’m afraid. This time from New York based cold waver Faten Kanaan whose latest sepia soldered sonic wares are gathered on a release simply titled ‘EP’. A most enjoyable set that provides for a broad spectrum ear view of the craft engaged upon by this mercurial talent with both opening salvos ‘planet 898 / circle is drawn’ and ‘santo sospir’ both frequenting the enchanting lair of midwich youth club and keith seatman – the former a gorgeously hypnotic slice of romantically phrased ice sculptured pastorals that had us here imagining a rather lighter and happier placed Add N to X, with the latter graced in misty eyed flotillas of cruise controlled kosmiche. However it’s the two cuts making up the rear advance that had us cooing aplenty. The bewitching and enigmatic ‘shadow’  reveals that despite the application of keys that Faten Kanaan appears to have ghostly folk spell crafts in her preferred sights rather than the lazily spun hauntologist tag for this siren-esque spiritual is weaves of a timeless tapestry that hints of the finite beauty of the Hare and the Moon. That said holding our affections prisoner ‘dream of rain on a coastal town..’ relocates Edward Ka Spell into the terrains of both the Weird and the Projekt imprints for some superbly crafted dub doused industrial psychotropia.  http://fatenkanaan.bandcamp.com/album/ep

EP cover art

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