cold cold heart

it’s not through laziness that we are re-posting old reviews, it’s just that we’ve tried twice now to download sets from bandcamp and we’ve been left waiting nigh on 10 minutes for signs of life to appear in our task bar only for an error message to be returned. Now whether this is due to some kind of maintenance being undertaken at present by bandcamp, or the more feasible alternate explanation, our crap broadband provider – BT in case you are asking – fast broadband my backside i had less issues with dial up – still one month to go on the contract and they are history. Grumbling aside we’ve recently had an email from cold cold heart who we first mentioned way back in the mists of early January when upon ‘megan’ swooned into our listening space and had us somewhat smitten. The band, as said, recently got in touch to say their debut album is being prepped for March / Spring time release, currently under the working title ‘how the other half live and die’ while they try to find a record label. For now here’s our original mention from the start of year along with links to that aforementioned ‘Megan’ track….quite sublime if you ask me……



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