Goes without saying, adored around these here parts, this is the latest dream drenched celestial from pinkshinyultrablast. Culled from a forthcoming set entitled ‘grandfeathered’ due February end through club ac30, this is the twinkle some ‘the cherry pit’ – a vapour trailing love note blissfully bathed, star crossed and divinely dipped in a crystalline cocooning of cathedral chimes emitting myriads of lunar kissed euphoric ruptures much like, it has been said, a falling star symphony crafted by the much missed Kitchens of Distinction in the throes of its last death defying charge to a glorious end. Amidst the heavenly floor show the lost in the moment sound of a siren-esque vocal skips and hops daintily with disarming calm affection unaware and oblivious to the surrounding coalescing collapse. Comes pressed on ‘mermaid’ coloured wax as though you needed further prods.

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