lights that change

Ah ‘song to the siren’, one of those  tracks that admittedly has stayed close to me pretty much all my listening life, the original template by the late Tim Buckley was raw, too close and oft hard to endure without being crushed by its ache. A significant cover by this mortal coil provided for an exquisite rephrasing, however too distant, too ethereal and suspended somewhere to far to touch. Step up to the plate Lights that Change, for they have perhaps achieved the impossible in managing to opt for a happy medium and into the bargain maroon said classic to a more earthbound footing, still shimmered in wisps of the ethereal and the elegiac, a indeed true – ghosted, cradled and visited upon by a tenderly yearning spiritual spectral, its sense of space, poise and application of emotional burn adores it in a softly surrendering seduction.  

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