radio belbury #15

Hark now do I hear the wafting of wonky, woozy whirly pop happy happenings emanating from the odd balled eccentric hidey hole of the kooky internet wireless play room of Radio Bellbury spraying sounds of weirdness and the wired across the populace like some devil may care circus master dandy doffing discs of delight from upon his personage for all to amaze. Ah well enough of the picture colouring, it’s just ghost box dude Jim Jupp playing a few records. But hey what records they are comprising of forgotten finds (the roger webb orchestra – indeed yes the full unedited theme from the late 70’s TV series ‘the hammer house of horror’), kitsch cuts (Chicory Tip) and some essential new ghost box grooviness (toi toi toi and the cavern of anti matter). Amid this strangely become bouquet picking stirs the ghostly beauty of the Wyatt-esque ‘canterbury’ by Beautify Junkyards, some wig flipped daftness from Keith and Doug, cool 60’s grooved rock-a-hula from the Equals. Elsewhere keenly essential visitations from Fuzz, regal worm, zombi and a classic piece of lost vintage groove from vertigo forgotten dudes Gravy Train found here kicking out kicking out a blended potion of Zep-esque / pretty things strutness. Selected listening moment surely has to be Jonathan Fitoussi et Clemens hourriere’s’ five steps’ taken from a set of the same name put out by versatile france earlier this year – and something we annoyingly missed – this demurring dream dipped lunar orbital provides a master class in the delicate balance of old schooled murmur toning electro bliss. Oh and before we forget best mention the lost ghost box sortie from hintermass which has somehow managed to escape our affection, featuring various advisory circle and broadcast dudes found here ploughing the psych folk mytics much like some strangely divine lysergic dream visitation of murmurs of Irma in collusion with soft hearted scientists.

Programme 15

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