sendelica and friends

Talking of the blue giant zeta puppies, seamless links time a go go – our favourite hip wiggling Wray gunning intergalactic twang overlords appear on a super limited charity compilation put together by those Sendelica folk entitled ‘Hiraeth’- named after an organisation providing help and support to refugees in the Pembrokeshire area. This set gathers together eight of the bands close musical friends as well as featuring a brace of previously unreleased cuts by Wales’ psych progian cosmic overlords with the aforementioned Zeta dudes stepping up to the plate with a track lifted from a Dandelion radio session by the name of ‘mad love’- a frantic quicksilver rescue mission jettisoned into the lunar voids in search of the lost in space man or…astro man. Elsewhere the Spookers – previously unknown to us – stump up the hypno grooving ‘souls of the dead’ – a demurring kosmiche carousel orbiting in the kind of lost spaces as currently piloted by the likes of the palace of swords and the cosmic dead, a milky murmured  mosaic of the mind’s eye trippiness that’s slinkily trimmed in the kind of smoky out there wooziness of sunray’. Soft Hearted Scientists step up to the plate with ‘drops in the ocean’ only to find themselves star eyed and revolving in tomorrow-esque meets Zombies kaleidoscopic swirls, a colourfully psych shimmered mushrooming mosaic traced with a bitter sweet affection spirited away on symphonically lushly textured Beatle-y montages, is that the sound of cat purring at its end we wonder. By coincidence, one time Tomorrow man Twink features here with an alternate rephrasing of ‘10000 words in a cardboard box’ – a brooding progressive psych gloaming ushered in shadowy peek-a-boo’s all cast in a becoming vintage eccentricity that hints of a kinship to the mercurial alchemists Paul Roland and Nick Nicely. Sounding as though been recently thawed from a long sleep undertaken in the early 70’s, there’s a decidedly acute out of step vintage at work here that suggests Paradise 9’s ‘crystalized moments’ may have slipped under the radar of those usually keen earned stoner folk admirers – that is when they aren’t pre-occupied with all things electric wizard and cathedral – Rise Above for this little nugget wedges its way under the skin much like a lazy eyed and super chilled Leaf Hound. And there we were ready to go all ‘can you dig it’ when the opening siren call engaged into life at the start of ‘blown to kingdom come’ the sets offering from the mighty the luck of eden hall – a typically pristine pop purred slice of fluorescently spangled psychedelia rubbed in the kind of shade adorned crystalline cool that much recalls the Dukes of Stratosphear. Elsewhere you’ll the powersteppers offering something of a break from the head frying mind morphing encountered in persistent frequency amid these grooves with a spot of Zion Train likening dub doused sound system grooving courtesy of the smokingly tasty ‘reason together’ while award for the most wigged out happening here must surely go to spurious transients’ ‘modus operandi’ – a tripping peace pipe toting freak out with which the bands last visit to these pages had us scant prepared for, think upon it as a bad acid Gong-ified stoned out tribal chanting schizoid jazz psych ju ju and we’ll say no more about it. Sendelica book end the set with two cuts, a studio and a live treat, the former entitled ‘Azoic’ sees them unusually venturing into states of frosted pop majesty, amid the softly delicate plumes of bliss burns something beautifully touching emerges carved in an aching likeness of Sigur Ros by a bruised and hurtful Grails. As to the live excerpt, this one coming ripped from a recent set at the cosmic puffin earlier in the year features the spacey Ozric-ian ‘obscured’ – an astral riding slice of way out Floydian classicism casting out a smoking head spinning transcendental of constellation lining arabesque mind expansion which towards its end goes all wig flipped and fried in a kraut gouged Embryo type way which does it for us, though the less adjusted among you may feel such sensory overloading may warrant a desire for a lie down afterwards.


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