terse greetings 2015

Fear not we will be revisiting this in more detail a little later in the week. A superb oddly misshapen collection of Christmas crookedness courtesy of Australia’s re-activated Terse  imprint entitled ‘terse greetings’. Free to download, so no excuses for not partaking in its strange delights, still I guess it beats listening to another chirpy musical miseltoe for the umpteenth today as you frantically loiter and languish in ever growing waiting queues at the grimness known as the local shopping centre.  Just a quick mention this time around as we’ve eyed three familiar folk spooking the grooves within. First up Midwich Youth Club deviously delights with ‘the man who celebrated Xmas every day’ – a sinister seasonal romp decorated in the weird ear wooziness of Debyshire and Baker and modelled to sonically imagine, one suspects, the arrival to Christmas town of the mad mutant music hall freak circus replete with mind frying carousels and nightmarish nursery school recitals that gathered together sound like an unhinged and ghostly warping of ‘the dance of the sugar plum fairy’. Tauchseider you may well recall us mentioning fondly when casting an ear upon their castles in space debut, and no, despite promises their label still refuses to send over various spares – I fear the naughty step looms for them. Anyhow ‘Noddy’ – Slade singer, friend of big ears or otherwise where none too sure, however what we van be certain of is that this is akin to a celestial visitation, a dronal overture delicately sculptured to reveal a softly poised  dream drifting leviathan kissed in the passing after burn  of sun scorched shimmers – need we say more. Onwards then to the Revenant Sea who will again be featuring later in the week with a collaborative release that’s been on our to-do list for a week or more, for now ‘outpost 31 (maybe we shouldn’t survive)’ is not as grim or foreboding as the title might first have you believe, at least if you’re not a human anyway for this ominous slice of dystopian future vision comes tripped in images of post apocalyptic wastelands devoid of life as you and I know or recognise presided over by mechanoid foot soldiers. http://severedheads.bandcamp.com/album/terse-greetings-2015

Terse Greetings 2015 cover art

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