Oh now this is simply divine, the serene sound of the universe in the throes of sweet decay, raptures of bliss kissed hazes symphonically signalling the passing from death to rebirth to mirror and backdrop the sighing fall and disintegration of the stars as well as the slow but sure distinguishing of the heaven’s lights. This is Virgance, better known to kith n’ kin as dream pop astronaut Nathan Smith. ‘paradigm 3’ is his latest shoegaze supernova, a celestial arc light dimpled in ethereal tonalities, showered in euphoric angel sighed choruses  and seductively drenched in vapour trailing after burns, reference wise akin to a heavenly visitation choreographed by a dream dazed Flying Saucer Attack as were  remodelled by Kevin Shields. Also features a guest appearance by dream pop darlings Ummagma  on ‘down by the river’ which alone worthy of the entrance fee by itself arrives sugar spun in an unworldly hymnal grace serenaded by trembling tides of sweetly genuflecting chime corteges. Resistance is pointless, best just surrender and let yourself be drawn into its warming white light oblivion. Simply immaculate.

Paradigm 3 cover art

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